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Maintrac AB provides the broadband market with efficient and reliable hardware and software products, such as routers, switches and CPE´s. We cooperate with market leading manufacturers and suppliers to deliver complete solutions that meet and exceed the needs of the customers.



Security of networks, services and personal data processing.
Maintrac has developed a method and a tool for Risk Management to let the provider analyze assets and critical parts of its operation.



Our competences cover the full range and comprises technology and design, systems development, as well as business and organizational development, reliability, security management and more.



Our logistics service provide our customers with online stock keeping and management through Maintrac Inventory, our self-developed highly customizeable​ online platform.

Maintrac is a rapidly growing company within telecommunications and IT, based in Linköping, Sweden. We focus on operators in telecommunications and data communications sector.

The goal is helping our customers in every aspect of their business so they can deliver the best broadband on the market. The partnership with leading vendors and frequent collaborations with customers has contributed to the company’s success on the market.