Products for the next-generation provider

Products for the next-generation provider


Maintrac is an independent system integrator that helps network providers/city networks to successfully become next-generation providers by driving down costs while enabling revenue enhancements through rapid introduction and scaling of new services. It’s important for Maintrac to help our customers evolve their ecosystems to support new partnerships and business models that can generate new revenue streams and enable them to go to market faster, we also help with continuous modernization and integration to optimize their operational and business support systems. Via our quality assurance operating model, we ensure our customers’ transformation is delivered on-time, on-budget project delivery. 

Maintrac provides the market with products and knowledge in terms of high-end modular switches featuring big switching capacity, L2/L3/MPLS service capability, high-performance, superior reliability and enhanced security. Maintrac help network providers design their network with switches designed for core and aggregation layer of next-generation network scenario. Common scenarios to take into consideration regarding switches capabilities contains fast, non-blocking switching, full IPv6 features and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) feature ready.


Service routers delivered and implemented by Maintrac brings zero touch provisioning and BNG functionality for residential subscriber management. With high performance routing and an extensive range of IP applications for network and service providers as well as enterprise networks the service routers offered by Maintrac can adapt to evolving customer requirements.


Distribution switches from Maintrac consists of state of the art next generation switches with high switching capacity and high port density, with or without MPLS.

Access (switches)

With the guidance from Maintrac network experts a variety of technologies to fulfill better reliability, easy maintenance and low power consumption is offered. Furthermore Maintrac provides knowledge and support for VSC2.0(Virtual Switch Cluster), BFD (Bi-directional Forwarding Detection), Zero-touch provisioning, IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) etc, which help our customers to build future-oriented low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) networks, with PON or P2P. Our offered switches use advanced hardware architecture and modular design to be able to handle technology and market demands today and in the future.


Maintrac has long and proven experience in FTTH CPE gateway solutions. Together with our supplier we have developed hardware and software to guarantee our customers the functions and quality they need. We have proven our ability to adapt quickly and effectively to future technologies, working together with customers to provide them with the services they require.

Among others, the benefits of our unique solutions are:
•   Lowest total cost of ownership
•   Strong hardware platform
•   Ease of installation
•   Vendor-independent solutions
•   Unique built-in Smart-Home platform

Our FTTH CPE gateway products and solutions are currently supporting the efforts of leading network operators providing high-speed Internet broadband and content services to hundreds of thousands of private homes. Our mission is to enable our customers to deliver high quality FTTH solutions and services to their subscribers, providing them with additional revenue streams that contribute to their sustainable growth, both now and in the future. Our goal is to provide our customers’ subscribers with an innovative, ’Better Connected Living’ experience. We do this by offering a growing ecosystem of applications and services, including home energy and temperature management solutions, alarm and surveillance systems, Wi-Fi boosters and much, much more.